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Frequently Asked Questions




We transport the countries that can be reached by express delivery. Most orders are sent from Chinese factories via DHL/FedEx/UPS (direct delivery/indirect delivery); only a few orders are sent from the US FBA warehouse. Please note that the free shipping time limit is 30 days. Expedited payment is also possible, and the time limit is 2 weeks. Tracking information is provided, and once sent, it will be sent via email. Sometimes our system data is not updated in time, which may cause your order status to wait a long time. You can contact us at any time to check whether your order has been confirmed and shipped.

Once the item is dispatched and tracking information is provided, the customer will be responsible for rescheduling any missed deliveries through Warsun.

Free shipping within the US on orders over $49.

Our customer service team will answer any questions about transportation at any time, so please send us an email to: support@warsun.net, we will contact you within 1 working day. Or you can contact us online via WhatsApp, our agent is active 7 * 24H.


Are the free gifts stackable?

Unfortunately, you will only be rewarded with the highest tier gift based on the order amount. The free items do not add together.


Need to change items after placing an order
Thank you very much for placing an order on the website! Unfortunately, if the order is completed, we will not be able to add or exchange items. You can contact support@warsun.net or our live chat on www.warsun.net to help you cancel your order before it is shipped. After that, you can re-order items from our website.



Missing item

Due to the large build-up of orders during the Sales period and the different inventory quantities in each warehouse, we have to split your order and send them out separately. If you received your order missing one or two items, please no worries, it may be split into two orders. The tracking information will be emailed to you once it's shipped. You can contact us via the website online chat. Please accept our sincere apology!


Why the shipment still pre-shipment for several days
Please contact us through the online Chat on www.warsun.net. we will gladly to help you track your order.


My order is in-transit for several days.
Sorry for this inconvenience. I would suggest you contact your local Courier service provider with the tracking number first. If the shipment still no update for another 3 days. Please send an email to support@warsun.net with your order number and tracking number. We will take care of you.

Why my order still shows awaiting payment/canceled but the money was taken from my account?
We completely apologize if you are experiencing this issue. Please send us a website live chat request or email support@warsun.net with the PayPal transaction ID. We will make sure that the issue is corrected.

Not received the order confirmation email
Thanks for purchasing from Warsun Store! Once the order was placed successfully. Our website will automatically send out the confirmation email to address specified in the order. Please make sure your email address is correct and check you spam/junk folder to see if it is there. You can always reach out to our live chat or email support@warsun.net with any order questions as well.




1.My flashlight does not turn on or charge—Possible cause/solutions:

A. Before you use or charge the flashlight, please unscrew the tail cap to take the insulating film out from the flashlight and try again.

B. The tail cap needs to be screwed down tightly. Please try swabbing the contacts in the tail cap with some rubbing alcohol to thoroughly clean them.

C. If the flashlight still cannot be turned on or charged, connect the flashlight to a powered charging cable. If the light turns on while being charged, this means the battery is defective.

If these steps do not work, please contact us and we can try to assist you further.


2.My flashlight will not access Turbo mode-- Possible cause/solutions:

A. When the battery is low (only three or less power indicator lights are on), the flashlight does not have access turbo mode. You need to fully charge the battery.


B. This flashlight has automatic thermal management. It will automatically decrease the output in order to prevent overheating, and make sure the flashlight body temperature is no more than 131 Fahrenheit degree. When the body temperature gets too high, Turbo mode is restricted.


3. My flashlight automatically turns off sometimes-- Possible cause/solutions:

A. This flashlight has a timer function. The shorter timer lasts 3 minutes; Longer timer lasts 9 minutes.


Timer Operation: When the light is on, double press the switch and hold it until it flashes, flashing once means shorter timer, flashing twice means longer timer. When the time is over, the flashlight will shut off automatically. Please read the manual carefully to check whether you are entering timer modes correctly.

B.If you have fully charged your flashlight and it continues to turn off on its own, it may need a new battery.


4. The lens of my light was foggy after shooting several times-- Cause/solutions/Prevention:

Cause: There is a lot of dust and residue from the explosion of gunpowder during shooting. Solution: Please swab the lens with some rubbing alcohol to thoroughly clean it.


Prevention: Coat the lens with something such as Vaseline or Chapstick prior to a range session. After you are done shooting, clean the lens thoroughly.


5. How can I make the flashlight enter lockout/ unlock mode?

How to check if your flashlight is in lockout mode:


While in lockout mode: if you press and hold the switch for less than one second, the red indicator below the switch will be on for a short time to signal that the light is still in a lockout mode.

Lockout: When the flashlight is off, press and hold the side switch (for about 2 seconds) to access lockout mode (the flashlight will enter moonlight mode first and will then switch off to signal it is in lockout mode).

Unlock: To unlock it, press and hold the switch for over one second until the moonlight mode is on again. Release the button and it is now unlocked.


6. How to switch between different program configurations?

Press hard and hold the tail switch while you quickly press the side switch at the same time. When you release tail switch, the configuration will be selected.


Note: Configuration 1: Half press for Med 1, hard press for Turbo.

Configuration 2: Half press for Turbo, hard press for Strobe.


7. Can I put the light on the charger all the time?

Generally, after the light gets fully charged, there is only a small amount of current transferring when being connected to the charger, which will not hurt the battery. But we do not recommend always keeping the flashlight connected to the charger.



1. How long is the warranty and what does it cover?
Our warranties vary from 1 to 2 years for our headlamps. For a specific product, please refer to the warranty period stated at the bottom of each products listing page.

Please click this link https://www.warsun.net/warranty to learn more about our warranty policy. If you have any further questions, please contact us via this link: www.warsun.net https://www.warsun.net/contacts. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


2. What is the Brightest Headlamp? /Which Headlamp has the Longest-lasting Battery?
The brightest headlamp on our list is the W900. The maximum output is 2,000lm. The Perun will have the longest-lasting battery and could last for 10days once it’s fully charged at 5 lumens, for more details of this item, please refer to https://www.warsun.net


3. When will you provide more headlamp options?
Thanks for your inquiry! We have worked hard on the headlamps that we currently offer. We are excited to be able to gather more ideas and introduce some great new ideas! Please stay tuned!

We also try to make all of our EDC flashlights as versatile as we can so they can meet all your outdoor activity needs. Please visit the page for more details https://www.warsun.net.


4. Are your headlamps waterproof?
Yes, our headlamps are waterproof (the protection ranges from IPX4-IPX8), please refer to the waterproof details stated in TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS of each product listing page.


5. Can the headbands be washed?
Yes, you can wash it by hand with soft soap but take care never to soak or dump the light part under water.